1321637950_stock-photo-5563522-careersElliott, Robinson & Company, LLP is unique in the structure of our firm and workload. Each of our professionals is knowledgeable in and performs both Tax and Audit engagements. We expect experience and knowledge in both of these areas from anyone who applies.

To be successful in this position requires analytical skills, common sense, problem solving skills, ability to look at the big picture of a client’s situation and competency to work independently in an effective manner.


Initial Selection
We select prospects for interview after reviewing your resume and transcripts to see your qualifications. We look for many variables, such as past experience, academic background, extracurricular activities and apparent work ethic.

First Interview
After we have determined that you are well qualified for the position, we like to meet to talk about your career goals, and to determine if you would be a good fit for Elliott, Robinson & Company. Our firm does many of these on college and university campuses around the area. An appointment can also be made to come to our office. This interview is usually done one on one with one of our recruiting team members.

Second Interview
After the first round of selection, qualified prospects are invited back to our office for a final interview. This time interviewees basically have two interviews. They meet with our Managing Partner, Bob Helm and our Audit Partner, Tom Everett. A staff member is prepared to greet you before and between interviews in the hospitality room. We try to make this nerve wrecking experience as painless as possible.

The Decision
The decision to make you a job offer is made within a few days of your second interview. If we consider making you an offer, someone will contact you for the next step of the process.

The Offer
After you have had all your questions answered, and we are convinced that you would be a great asset to our firm, the offer is made. You are invited in to speak with Bob Helm about the specifics of the position, such as salary and expectations.

After you have been offered the position, you are taken to lunch by a couple of our staff members. This is an informal lunch on us, where you can visit with staff who actually work at Elliott, Robinson & Company, and were recently in your shoes. This is a time to ask the silly questions, and find out why they like their jobs.