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We try to keep the work evenly spread out among staff, to keep each busy but not overwhelmed. To ensure that this happens effectively, the schedule is evaluated on a weekly and monthly basis. During tax season 55 hours are required each week from the professional staff. To accomplish the increased work from January to April, Elliott, Robinson & Company has a very open and flexible time policy. Some staff will come early, and some will stay late. We want each staff member to do what best benefits their families and allows them to get their work done well. Even though the hours are many during tax season, you are compensated for each hour that you work. Our Comp Time policy allows you to earn additional vacation time for each hour of overtime worked, to be used from April 16th to December 31st.

Elliott, Robinson & Company wants the members of our team to enjoy coming to work everyday. To keep our staff interested and challenged we offer the opportunity for all to work in the diverse areas of service that our firm provides our clients. You are able to touch many types of work, and find what you are best at and most enjoy.  We want you to develop your expertise, but we don’t assign it to you.


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